plumbing tools laying on the bathroom floor around a toilet that won't flush

Toilet Won’t Flush? Here’s What You Should Do

Posted on 8th November, by carrolladmin in Plumbing.

Functional plumbing is a necessity in any home, and it can be a very frustrating experience when your toilet doesn’t flush and nothing you try seems to be working. When you have any kind of issue with your toilet, you certainly want to get it figured out right away. So what should you do if […]

A professional demonstrates how to stop a running toilet

How to Stop a Running Toilet

Posted on 8th November, by carrolladmin in Plumbing.

A toilet that is constantly running is a quick way to generate a scary water bill. Any water used – even just for a running toilet –  is included on your water bill. You are literally pouring money down the (toilet) drain! The good news is that this plumbing problem, which can waste hundreds of […]

A kitchen sink and marble countertop.

Plumbing Tips and Tricks for Homeowners

Posted on 16th August, by carrolladmin in Plumbing.

Homeownership requires constant maintenance and regular upkeep. Knowing your way around the main systems that make up your home’s framework is really important.  Regular Maintenance Prevents Household Plumbing Problems HVAC and plumbing are two of the primary systems that run a home, and both involve regular maintenance. Plumbing, in particular, is not a one and […]

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Top 7 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

Posted on 14th May, by carrolladmin in Cooling.

The average cooling unit lasts anywhere from 10 to 15 years, so it’s fairly inevitable you’ll be faced with a repair at one point or another before replacing the unit. Even if your system is newer and you have it serviced regularly, there are some problems that can occur. Generally speaking, most issues are associated […]

Plumbing: Renovations in your Kitchen and Bathroom

Posted on 30th March, by carrolladmin in Plumbing.

From plumbing repairs to HVAC maintenance, our technicians visit a lot of homes throughout the course of a day. One thing that surprises us during these visits is how many of our customers are performing their own home remodeling. More often than not, these home improvement projects are in essential, high-use areas; namely, the bathroom […]

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What Causes Leaky Faucets & How To Fix Them

Posted on 23rd February, by carrolladmin in Plumbing.

A leaky or dripping faucet may seem like a minor problem. But they often cause more significant and expensive problems if they aren’t repaired. Allowing a faucet to leak can cause further damage to plumbing or even flooding and damage to your home. It can also increase your water consumption and bill, costing hundreds of […]

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Why Is My Furnace Leaking Water?

Posted on 27th January, by carrolladmin in Heating.

When peak heating season is right around the corner, homeowners should have their HVAC systems checked. A tune-up after a couple seasons of downtime ensures your equipment works efficiently to provide quality comfort this winter.   There’s a reason we emphasize seasonal maintenance Seasonal maintenance is a comprehensive inspection of all HVAC system components.  We call […]

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You Have a Ceiling Leak, Now What?

Posted on 9th December, by carrolladmin in Plumbing.

Ceiling stains and bulging drywall is far more than an eyesore.  These deformities may reveal a serious plumbing problem lurking behind the surface.  It’s possible a leak may not immediately manifest itself by consistently dripping water, but this doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t require immediate attention. If you notice drywall bubbles, stains on areas of […]

Copper covered boiler heating system being used because of the many benefits it has

What are the Benefits of Boiler Heating Systems?

Posted on 8th December, by carrolladmin in Heating.

When heating your home, you have your share of options from central heating to direct heating and furnaces to fireplaces. Most houses in the US use either furnaces or boilers. Learn why boilers are a common heating source and the benefits it offers.  How does a boiler heating system work? Boiler heating systems work by […]

Water Heater Repair

A Guide to Electric Water Heater Repair

Posted on 20th October, by carrolladmin in Water Heaters.

Hot water is a luxury that you don’t often think about until it’s suddenly gone. Waking up to find you are without hot water is never much fun, and panic may sink in at the thought of getting it fixed. From leaks to much larger issues, a trusted local technician can help solve many common […]