Drain Cleaning


Clear water running into a drain. Trust Carroll Plumbing with your drain cleaning.

Clogged drains can be a hassle to deal with, not to mention the havoc they can wreak on your plumbing. Don’t try and tackle a clogged drain alone – let the team of experienced plumbing experts at Carroll Plumbing help you get rid of the soap and dirt buildup that can accumulate in your drains over time.

Using our state-of-the-art-technology and years of industry experience, we regularly clean drains at both residential and commercial locations, in various locations throughout.

Carroll Plumbing boasts over fifty years of plumbing experience. We’re standing by to help whether it’s at a historic property or a new development. Our technicians handle it all–repairs, maintenance, renovations, upgrades, and installation.

Carroll Plumbing technicians offer the following advantages:

  • HVAC Master Mechanics, Master Plumber, and Gas Fitters Licenses
  • Class A Contractors License
  • Intentional focus on building relationships with clients and customers

Drain Cleaning 101

Not all drains (or drain clogs) are created equal. Different jobs mean different equipment. Here’s a quick list of the different types of drain issues you might encounter by location, along with the tools your technician might use.

Common Kitchen Clogs

  • Sink
  • Garbage disposal
  • Grease stoppages
  • Laundry drains

Common Bathroom Drain Issues

  • Floor drain
  • Showers & tubs (typically requires a snaking device, also known simply as a “snake”)
  • Toilet (soft blockages could require a plunger, although a hard blockage may call for a snake or even a main sewer machine)

Common Outdoor Drain Clog Sites

  • Pool drains
  • Roof drains
  • Sewer lines
  • Tree root stoppages
  • Exterior drains

Commonly Used Drain Cleaning Tools, Methods, & Equipment

  • Drain snake Technician inserts a “snake” (a long pole with an augur at the end to break up the blockage) into the drain to unclog the drain
  • Hydro-jetting A more eco-friendly technique to clear pipes, in which a powerful stream of water blasts the inside of the pipe, flushing debris, mineral buildups, and other blockages through and out into the sewers
  • Video inspection With this method, technicians survey pipelines by inserting into the drains a specialized camera attached to a line
  • Descaling Don’t just push the clog further down the pipeline. While that’s often the case with store-bought drain cleaning methods, technicians can use descaling scapers to efficiently remove the problem-causing debris

Unfortunately, the severity of the blockage, the type of drain, and the likelihood of repeated clogging can all vary. That means that the time, equipment, and cost to our experienced plumbing technicians can have an impact on the pricing of drain cleanings. Additionally, while our technicians may be able to remove a blockage or clog, we can’t promise your drain will remain clog-free.

Check out our FAQ section for tips on keeping your drain clean over time.

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Kitchen Drain Cleaning

Over time, kitchen sinks see some of the worst buildup due to a variety of foods going down the disposal (especially fat, grease, and oil), as well as dish soap going down the drain.

Using a simple drain cleaner may not be enough after years of this. Do-it-yourself cleaning products can contain harmful chemicals and may be corrosive to your pipes.

We use only industry-leading solutions that protect your pipes, leaving them better-looking after a thorough cleaning from our team.

Bathroom Drain Cleaning

The bathroom has plenty of problem areas that need regular drain maintenance. Bathroom sinks can experience buildup from makeup, soap, or toothpaste, while the shower often gets clogged with hair.

Our approach is particular to each situation, since we realize every problem needs its own solution.

Outdoor Drain Cleaning

Often overlooked, outdoor drain cleaning is usually the result of clogged pipes. The culprits can be gutters clearing water to the downspout and sending it into the city sewers.

It might feel like a problem that is out of your hands, but with our service, you can avoid issues like debris-clogged drain pipes and prevent potential flooding as a result.


How do I know my drain is clogged?

If you notice that instead of “water down the drain,” you’ve got water staying put and pooling in your sink or tub, there’s a good chance you’ve got a clogged drain. A slow drain is usually a clogged drain.

Can I clean a clogged drain myself?

Often, it is possible to clean your drains yourself with homemade clog remover solutions. Here is a tried-and-true drain opener that avoids harsh commercial chemicals and can work for smaller, less difficult clogs.

  • First, you’ll need a kettle or pot of boiling water.
  • Next, add a bit of dish soap to your drain to lubricate the drain, followed by the hot water from your pot or kettle.
  • Add one cup of baking soda to your drain, followed by one cup of vinegar (the white, distilled kind).
  • Wait around 5 minutes before pouring more boiling water down your drain.
  • Once you’ve flushed the drain with the hot water, run the hot tap water to see if it drains.

If the baking soda and vinegar method doesn’t work the first time, you can try a second time. If you’re still having difficulty, it may be time to contact Carroll Plumbing.

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How can I keep my drains cleaner, for longer?

Regular maintenance can help protect your drains.  Here are some tips to keep your drains clog-free:

  • Use a strainer basket on your drain to keep food particles and hair out of it
  • Don’t pour grease or oil down your drain
  • To keep your drain fresh, let a ½ cup baking soda sit in your drain overnight. Flush it with hot water or vinegar in the morning
  • Add boiling water and dish soap to your drain on a weekly basis to keep things running smoothly
  • Wash cookware that has had grease or oil in it only after you’ve wiped them down. This removes any excess and reduces the amount of grease and oil going down the drain

Let us help you find the solution for your drain-cleaning needs.