Drain Cleaning


Clogged drains can be a hassle to deal with, not to mention the havoc they can wreak on your plumbing. Don’t try and tackle a clogged drain alone – let our team of experienced plumbing experts at Carroll Plumbing help you get rid of the soap and dirt buildup that can accumulate in your drains over time. Using our state of the art technology and years of industry experience we regularly clean drains at both residential and commercial scale in all places in your home or business.


Let us help you get rid of drain build up, contact Carroll Plumbing today for you drain cleaning needs.


Kitchen Drain Cleaning
Over time kitchen sinks see some of the worst build up due to the variety of foods being put down the disposal as well as the dish soap down the drain. Using a simple drain cleaner may not be enough after years of build up and the do-it-yourself drain cleaners can contain harmful chemicals that may be corrosive to your pipes. We use only industry leading solutions that leave your pipes unscathed and better looking after a thorough cleaning from our team.

Bathroom Drain Cleaning
The bathroom has plenty of problem areas in need of regular drain maintenance. The bathroom sink may have build up caused by makeup, soaps, or toothpaste while the shower often gets clogged with hair. Our approach to each of these situations is special as we realize each problem needs it’s own solution in order to be best fixed.


Outdoor Drain Cleaning
Often overlooked, outdoor drain cleaning is usually the result of clogged pipes due to gutters clearing water to the downspout and into the city sewers. It might feel like a problem that is out of your hands but with our service you’ll be preventing issues like debris clogged your drain pipes and possibly flooding as a result.


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