Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention may be an unfamiliar plumbing term. A very important component to your home’s plumbing, backflow prevention is the difference in having a clean water supply versus one that is contaminated and polluted. It’s recommended you protect your water supply with a backflow prevention device to prevent the backflow of water into your main water supply.


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Wherever potable water piping connects to other plumbing fixtures or water-using equipment and appliances, there is a cross-connection. Unless a backflow preventer is properly installed, the flow of water can reverse resulting in a potentially contaminated water supply.   

Local municipalities are required to ensure that a proper backflow preventer is installed at the main water service connection to each system. However, homeowners are usually unaware that devices should be installed in other areas where likelihood for cross-connection exists, including…

 – Irrigation systems

 – Clothes washers

 – Dishwashers

 – Garbage disposals

 – Toilets & Faucets

 – Spas & Swimming Pools


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