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Carroll Plumbing has a deep & rich history dating all the way back to 1968 when we started servicing the Richmond area. Having the experience of decades behind us, we have in-depth knowledge of the HVAC/plumbing construction of the houses in Richmond and for this reason, we guarantee that our experience will not disappoint you. In fact, we go the extra mile to do a great job so we can earn your recommendations (as we have shared above).

In 1988, due to demand, we added our HVAC department (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning).

Why Hire Us….

Our technicians are experienced and hold HVAC Mechanics, Master Plumber, and Gas Fitters licenses unlike much of our competition. Whereas our competitors usually focus on paying their technicians cheaply, we focus on hiring skilled workers so we can serve our customers in the best way possible. We know that reliability is key for repeat business and we hire people that we would confidently hire to work on our own homes.

Carroll Plumbing and Heating Inc holds a Class A Contractors License #2701 031639A and is proud to be a member of the following associations:

We take our work seriously and make sure that our technicians stay up-to-date on rules and regulations and learn the best and most efficient ways to perform the work that you need.

Coupled with our plumbing, heating, cooling, and ventilation expertise, we also have extensive knowledge in installing toilets, showers, bathrooms, garbage disposals, gas lines, and much more. Some specific brands that we work with (and approve of) are Rohl, Delta, Franke, Moen, and more.

No, But Really, Why Should You Hire Us?

Unlike small businesses today, we don’t rely on the ‘quick buck’. We believe in maintaining relationships with our customers and being human. We want to do such a great job on your first issue that the next time you have a problem, you’ll remember our excellent service, pick up the phone and call us over again.

That’s it! With this mentality in mind, our technicians are trained to satisfy you, our customer.

You’ve read our reviews from customers just like you, you know that we hire the best in the area, you’ve read all the associations Carroll Plumbing and Heating is a member of and lastly, you’ve read about our history (going all the way back to 1968!)

We have served hundreds of homes in the Richmond, Virginia area and the reason we have lasted this long is due to customer loyalty. We realize that above anything else, word of mouth referrals are the best. They are natural and best of all, they are free. All we have to do is do the best work we can for you and let that lead the way.

The only thing left to do is to call us or email us any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate—we love chatting with people and answering questions. 804-358-6322 or service@carrollplumbingva.com.

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