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Allergies, fever, and asthma are just some of the many health issues that a mold infestation can cause.

Mold testing services from Carroll Plumbing & Heating will provide you with definitive results and a game plan to resolve any problems.

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Gain Peace of Mind

Know for sure if a potential mold infestation is causing health issues for everyone living under your roof.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Airborne mold can pollute the air in your home. Mold exposure can occur when you inhale the tiny spores that settle in your nasal passages or lungs.

Reduce Structural Damage

The bigger the mold infestation, the greater the chance for it to cause plumbing, electrical, and structural damage to your home.

Save Money

Knowing you have a mold problem will allow you to proactively fix it before it causes significant damage to your health or home.

Prevent Serious Health Issues

There are many different types of mold—black mold being the worst. It can cause severe respiratory damage, memory loss, and headaches.

Stop the Spread

Mold is a fungus that can rapidly spread around to other areas. The sooner you catch and remediate it, the fewer chances mold has to cause even bigger problems.


Mold Testing Service Details

A shocked woman looks at mold on her wall while thinking about mold testing services.

Our professional technicians will come out to your home and provide the following services:

  • We’ll sample the surface of the suspected area as well as take air samples. We perform the tests inside your home and will have results within an hour.
  • We can also send the samples to a professional testing lab for further analysis. Results typically take a few business days to come back.

If the tests confirm that you have a mold problem, we can provide a free quote for mold remediation or removal services.

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Why Choose Carroll Plumbing

Carroll Plumbing & Heating has proudly served the Richmond, VA area since 1958. We know the homes and businesses here like nobody else which allows us to quickly diagnose issues while offering affordable solutions. We believe in providing our customers with prompt, professional service and transparent pricing.

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We have used Carroll’s plumbing after seeing multiple positive reviews on the NextDoor app. Truly a great group of staff. From management who helped to troubleshoot an item, to Albert who specializes in sewer-related items, to Dustin, Phillip and Jamaine. We had the whole crew it seems at one point or another to our 1940’s bungalow to assist with old house issues. Schedulers are also always pleasant and responsive. Knowledgeable employees who consistently deliver great service!

-Andrea W.


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Mold Testing Services FAQ

I already know I have a mold problem – why should I test for it?

The mold you see on your walls might only be 10% of the total problem. Testing will allow you to know the full extent of the issue so that you can make a solid plan to resolve it.

Does homeowner’s insurance cover mold damage?

You’ll have to check with your insurance provider as each homeowner’s policy is different.