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Innsbrook is a suburban community in Henrico’s West End. Part of Glen Allen, Innsbrook is situated just east of Short Pump. The area includes main thoroughfares of West Broad Street, Springfield, Cox and Nuckols Roads along with I-64 and I-295.

Enviable Innsbrook

Innsbrook is unique because there are some quiet, suburban communities, but equally as many bustling office parks. Conveniently located within close proximity to interstates and neighboring areas of Short Pump and Tuckahoe, Innsbrook is positioned in a highly desirable location. Most homes are medium-sized and traditional in style, built in the 1970’s or later. Although the majority of residential properties are single-family homes, Innsbrook has many apartment complexes, as well as condominium and townhome communities.

Like other neighborhoods located in Henrico’s West End, Innsbrook is diverse in its property types and styles. Older homes with antiquated plumbing and HVAC systems have varying needs, and experience different types of repairs, than a condo or townhome with new equipment. It takes a skilled technician with vast knowledge of HVAC and plumbing to properly service, troubleshoot, repair and install different systems. Carroll Plumbing & Heating Inc. offers homeowner and residential property managers high quality, prompt and reliable HVAC and plumbing services.

For more information on plumbing and HVAC service, repairs and installations for properties in Innsbrook, contact Carroll Plumbing & Heating Inc. today. Also serving Short Pump, Tuckahoe, Westhampton, and Willow Lawn.

Vibrant and Quickly-Growing Innsbrook

Innsbrook broke ground on a new concept in 1979. The idea? A nature-based setting for residents to live, work, and enjoy recreation.

It’s a concept still in evidence today, as the mixed-used urban lifestyle community boasts over 500 businesses with over 22,000 employees with access to a variety of retail shops, services, restaurants, good schools, and other amenities. Residents can live in a variety of homes in different styles, including condominiums and apartments. One thing they all have in common is lots of green space, trails, and opportunities to enjoy nature!

A diverse mix of homes means many different types of plumbing issues, and different types of heating and air conditioning systems. We are prepared to work with different types of plumbing, heating, and cooling. From water heater installation to installing washers, dryers, and refrigerators, we can do it, as well as other kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room plumbing and fixtures like sinks, tubs, and water heaters.

We also install and repair venting, heating, and cooling systems to keep new homes and offices comfortable year-round.

Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Services in Innsbrook

We provide our full line of services to the greater Richmond community and have for more than 50 years. Throughout that time, we’ve serviced historic properties, new developments, and everything in between.

No matter your need, we can help. To learn more about our services, you can visit our services page. Or you can click on a specific service you’re interested in below.

Innsbrook Plumbing FAQs

Q:  How long does it take a technician to get to Innsbrook?

A:  It depends on if our technicians are already in the area, but if we are coming from our main office to the Innsbrook neighborhood, it takes about 15 minutes.

Q: What is the number for the Innsbrook Water Department?

A: If you have any questions about your water quality or water billing, you can call the Richmond City Department of Public Utilities at (804)646-4646.

Q: Do you all offer HVAC services in Innsbrook?

A: Yes, we offer HVAC installation and repair services to people in the Innsbrook community. Whether you are renovating a house or need a unit repaired, we can handle any of your HVAC needs.

Q: Where is the emergency water shut-off valve?

A: Usually, you’ll find an outside water shutoff valve below the hose bibb in the front of your house. Sometimes, it will be in the enclosure that houses an outdoor water heater. If the main shutoff is inside the house, you’ll find it near the water meter. Alternatively, it may be near the top of the water heater.

Innsbrook Service Area


We also serve the nearby Shockoe Bottom and Windsor Farms neighborhoods.

For more information on our plumbing and HVAC service, repairs, and installation for Richmond’s Innsbrook neighborhood, contact us today.