Servicing the Southside

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Carroll’s Southside location services the vast majority of communities located in Chesterfield County. Our coverage includes the areas of Midlothian, Bon Air, Chester, Moseley, along with many others. The Southside, specifically Chesterfield County, is ranked one of the most populous counties in Virginia, and continues to steadily expand to areas west.

Old + New Construction

Several of the neighborhoods in the Southside are new developments, yet just as many of them were constructed before 1970. Most construction in the area is mid-century, and this oftentimes suggests original plumbing, heating and/or cooling systems, or ones that have been unsystematically upgraded or replaced over time. This is the challenge of servicing and repairing plumbing and HVAC components because periodic replacements change the characteristics of the system. It takes an experienced and highly trained provider to know their way around partially upgraded or replaced systems.

Experience Counts

Carroll Plumbing & Heating, Inc. is familiar with the various characteristics of different HVAC systems and the intricacies of complex plumbing networks. Whether your home or property’s core systems are old, new, energy efficient or piecemeal, Carroll’s technicians have the knowledge to service any system and troubleshoot any issue. Contact Carroll Plumbing & Heating Inc. today for service, repair and installation in the Southside of Chesterfield County.