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Are you currently experiencing an issue with your electric water heater? Instead of having to deal with the stress of troubleshooting on your own, give the skilled technicians at Carroll Plumbing a call.

You won’t get the cold shoulder from us. Instead, we’ll arrive at your home in a timely manner to diagnose and make any necessary repairs and replacements. That way, you can look forward to hot water flowing once again without further discomfort or damage to your home.

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Common Electric Water Heater Repairs

Electric water heaters are a major appliance that, in general, stay out of sight and out of mind. That is until an issue arises. So, what causes could lead to a call to Carroll Plumbing for electric water heater repair or replacement services?

Water Temperature

Whether you have no or inadequate hot water, you might be looking at a lack of power coming from your unit, a faulty electric thermostat, or a defective upper electric heating element.

Water Leaks

When water starts to pool around your water heater or drip from the tank or pipes, your system could very well be experiencing a water leak. Don’t delay getting this inspected and resolved by a professional as the risk for greater damage is high!

Discoloration or Odor

Are you noticing rust-colored water or a certain smell coming from one or many of your faucets? The issue might be stemming from corrosion or a specific component of your water heater, such as the anode rod.


Hearing pops, bangs, gurgles? Any unusual sounds coming from your water heater may be a result of an accumulation of hard water sediment. If it sounds like water boiling, however, this could indicate a serious problem that would require immediate assistance.

No matter the specific problem you may be noticing, we’re available—day or night—to troubleshoot so you don’t have to.

Additional Plumbing & HVAC Services with Carroll Plumbing

Eager to find a one-stop shop to address your plumbing and HVAC needs? In addition to electric water heater repairs, we offer a range of quality in-home services, which include:

Plumbing Repair

No matter how minor your plumbing issues, we’re here when you need a repair. From clogged drains to leaking faucets and fixtures, ceiling leaks, damaged garbage disposals, frozen pipes, and water pressure or temperature problems, we’ll ensure your property’s system is up and running at its best in no time.

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Heating Repair

Are you currently dealing with furnace issues such as short cycling, irregular flames (gas units), unusual sounds, or a cracked heat exchanger? Let Carroll Plumbing provide you with timely, professional heating repair services to save you any inconvenience during the colder months.

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Preventative Maintenance for HVAC Systems

Want to steer clear from having to make major, costly repairs to your HVAC system? Routine, preventative maintenance is key. And, our team can provide you with a recommended plan that enables you to achieve reliable system performance, energy and cost savings, and indoor comfort.

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