Humidifier and Dehumidifier Services


Improperly balanced indoor humidity levels can lead to a wide range of health and comfort issues.

Humidifier and dehumidifier services from Carroll Plumbing & Heating will improve indoor air quality and lower your energy bills.

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Save Money & Energy

Virginia summers are often hot and muggy. Excessive indoor humidity levels can cause your HVAC unit to turn on more often—and increase your monthly electricity bill.

Improved Summertime Comfort Levels

While the indoor temperature may read “75 degrees,” high humidity levels can make it feel more like 85 degrees. Lower summertime humidity will increase indoor comfort levels.

Gain Peace of Mind

Very few home or business owners have the ability to check their indoor humidity levels. Our humidifier and dehumidifier services will ensure that your indoor humidity stays at optimal levels.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Imbalanced indoor humidity levels can cause respiratory problems, allergies, and skin irritation. A humidifier or dehumidifier will help decrease airborne allergens and dust.

Increased HVAC lifespan

The more frequently your HVAC system has to turn on in the summer and winter, the more wear and tear that occurs. Balanced humidity levels can prevent premature HVAC breakdowns.

Improved Wintertime Comfort Levels

Virginia winters are often very dry—and the lack of moisture can make the cold air feel even colder. Portable humidifiers might work for a single room but are inefficient for an entire house.


Humidifier and Dehumidifier Service Details

a woman comfortably relaxes on her couch after getting a dehumidifier installed in her home

One of our professional HVAC technicians will come out to your home or office and provide the following services:

  • Humidifier installation
  • Humidifier maintenance
  • Humidifier repairs
  • Dehumidifier installation
  • Dehumidifier maintenance
  • Dehumidifier repairs

We can recommend and install a wide range of brand-name humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and combination humidifiers/dehumidifiers that will improve indoor comfort levels and air quality.

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Why Choose Carroll Plumbing & Heating?

Since 1958, Carroll Plumbing and Heating has provided Richmond, VA, home and business owners with professional and high-quality plumbing and HVAC services. We know the homes, offices, and buildings of the Richmond area intimately—this allows us to quickly diagnose the problem and provide a cost-effective, timely, and viable solution.

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Carroll Plumbing was fantastic! They were able to get me an appointment the very next day after I first called and the technician (Kenny) that they sent out was efficient, friendly, and explained everything thoroughly. We will definitely use Carroll for any future plumbing needs! I HIGHLY recommend them!

– Christina G.


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Humidifier and Dehumidifier Service FAQs

How do I know if my home or office needs a dehumidifier?

Musty smells, a “clammy” feeling in the air, and condensation on your windows are just a few of the many signs your home or office needs a dehumidifier.

How can a humidifier reduce airborne dust and allergies?

The correct air moisture levels can encapsulate and weigh down dust and allergy particles while preventing them from going airborne.