Our Team

Carroll Plumbing Owners & ManagementAt Carroll Plumbing and Heating we employ some of the best plumbing technicians and heating/cooling/ventilation experts in the industry. Unlike our competition, we don’t pick professionals who aren’t serious about their professions. Our experienced technicians hold Master Plumber, HVAC Mechanic, and Gas Fitters licenses.

We know what it’s like to be quoted one price and then have shoddy work delivered.  We have come across too many customers for whom we have to deliver bad news, for that very reason.  We like to make a difference in a positive manner.  Each of our staff and technicians knows how much customer satisfaction is important at the end of the day – and we believe that’s what has contributed to the growth of Carroll Plumbing and Heating, Inc as it stands today.

We proudly employ both experienced and honest technicians. Unlike other businesses, we love to hold long term relationships with our customers – personal and business. You will see our friendly staff and technicians socializing with our customers at any given time.

We’re always on the lookout for qualified individuals to join the team. Fill out our employment application and we’ll reach out if we have an open position.

The Carroll Plumbing Team