Importance of Plumbing in your Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Posted on May 20th, 2016 by carrolladmin


Whether it’s for plumbing repairs or HVAC maintenance, our technicians visit a lot of homes throughout the course of a day. One thing that surprises us is how many of our customers are performing their own home remodeling. More often than not, it’s the bathroom or kitchen which makes sense due to how much use the space gets, but also because of how essential these rooms are to the comfort and convenience of the entire home.


Labor for professional remodeling is pricey, your time is precious, inconvenience of a construction site is unsettling, and truthfully, some people are just wary about contractors. These are several reasons people take on their own kitchen and bathroom remodels. It’s all understandable if you’re willing to pay for your own small (or big) mistakes down the road. In other words, homeowners don’t always think about how plumbing is affected in major areas like the bathroom and kitchen until the renovation is well underway.

What’s the point in being aesthetically appealing if it’s not fully functional?

Plumbing plays a primary role in your renovations, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Plumbing is the foundation—the central system—that all other components of the renovation are built around.

Kitchen catastrophes

When undergoing a kitchen remodel, there are so many design choices–like countertops and flooring–and oftentimes homeowners get sucked into decisions on finishes and amenities rather than starting with basics like layout.   The decision of where you want the sink, dishwasher and refrigerator all impact the configuration of the plumbing, and should be finalized early on so at least you know the dimensions and lay of the land.

A common issue we see is when homeowners don’t realize the sink affects the installation of new cabinets, or more importantly how well the sink will fit. They’ll install all the cabinetry without planning around the depth of the basin and the location of the plumbing coming out of the wall underneath. All of the beautiful, new cabinets are in, but your preferred choice of sink doesn’t fit.

Bathroom blunders

In the bathroom, every individual fixture—toilet, tub, shower, sink—relies on proper plumbing not only to perform optimally, but to be compatible with other fixtures when used simultaneously. This is true whether you’re redoing the entire bathroom or just swapping out some fixtures.

A common problem in the bathroom is when homeowners think they can easily shift the toilet. Toilets are lightweight and compact so it’s sensible to think you can handle it yourself. However, even if you’re reusing installations and only moving the toilet a few inches, it’s considered a major plumbing change. You’ll soon realize it’s not the pipes in the wall but the hole underneath the commode that creates a challenge.

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Why do I need a plumber?

It’s possible you’ve looked into every potential challenge prior to starting your kitchen or bathroom remodel and remain confident in your abilities. While we applaud your efforts, some finishing touches are best left to a professional plumber. Here’s why…

  • When not installed or serviced properly, pipes, fixtures and appliances can unexpectedly create serious damage to your home’s plumbing system.
  • The expertise of a plumber in relocating pipes, as well as installing fixtures and appliances, minimizes inconvenient downtime during the course of your remodel.
  • Projects that involve building permits are best handled by a professional plumber; in fact many states have local codes that allow only a licensed contractor to perform certain work, and this includes moving or expanding the plumbing system.

If you plan out your remodeling project well from the start, you’ll know when you need to bring in a professional to help you minimize errors and maximize results. The bonus of a plumbing expert is they’ll be able to spot additional problems like mold growth or ventilation issues.

Some people prefer to take on all of the work themselves, but it’s important to know when a plumbing repair, fixture or appliance installation is outside of your skill range. It’s possible you’re stuck in the middle of the project and need pipes re-routed or you realize plumbing lines aren’t positioned properly for your new fixtures. Contact Carroll Plumbing & Heating Inc. today for quality, professional plumbing expertise you can count on!