Plumbing: Renovations in your Kitchen and Bathroom

Posted on March 30th, 2021 by carrolladmin


From plumbing repairs to HVAC maintenance, our technicians visit a lot of homes throughout the course of a day. One thing that surprises us during these visits is how many of our customers are performing their own home remodeling.

More often than not, these home improvement projects are in essential, high-use areas; namely, the bathroom or kitchen.

The DIY route for these projects makes sense for many homeowners. First of all, materials and labor for professional remodeling can be pricey. What’s more, your time is precious. Finally, a construction area in your home can be unsightly, and truthfully, some people are simply wary of contractors.

Doing your own remodeling can make sense if you’re willing to accept a certain amount of risk.  There’s always the chance you’ll have to pay for your own small (or big) mistakes down the road. In our experience, homeowners don’t always think about plumbing fixtures in their bathroom or kitchen until the renovation is well underway.

Don’t sacrifice function for form. Plumbing work should play a primary role in your bathroom and kitchen renovations. Including supply pipes and water lines in your remodeling plan–as well as appliances like toilets, sinks, and faucets–is essential to saving time and money in the long run.

Kitchen catastrophes

During a kitchen remodel, there are so many design choices such as countertops and flooring. Often, homeowners get sucked into superficial decisions on finishes and amenities before they start with basics like layout. Where you put the sink, dishwasher and refrigerator all impact the configuration of the plumbing. Finalize these decisions early on to determine the dimensions and lay of the land.

A common issue we see is homeowners not realizing the sink affects the installation of new cabinets. Consider the following ahead of time:

  • How well the sink will fit
  • The depth of the basin
  • Where the plumbing comes out of the wall

Otherwise, you’ll have beautiful, new cabinets, but your preferred choice of sink won’t fit.

Bathroom blunders

Whether you’re redoing the entire bathroom or just swapping out some fixtures, proper plumbing is crucial. In the bathroom especially, every individual fixture—toilet, tub, shower, sink—relies on it. Everything needs to be compatible, and able to be used simultaneously.

A common problem in the bathroom happens when homeowners think they can easily shift the toilet. Toilets are lightweight and compact, so it’s sensible to think you can handle it yourself. However, even if you’re reusing installations and only moving the toilet a few inches, it’s a major plumbing project. You’ll soon realize it’s not only the pipes in the wall, but the hole underneath that creates a challenge.

Common household plumbing problems

Why do I need a plumber?

Maybe you’ve looked into every potential challenge prior to starting your kitchen or bathroom remodel. If you’re still confident in your abilities, we applaud your efforts.

However, some finishing touches are best left to a professional plumber. Here’s why:

  • When not installed or serviced properly, pipes, fixtures, and appliances can cause serious damage to your home’s plumbing system.
  • A plumbing contractor can relocate pipes–as well as install fixtures and appliances–improving efficiency during the course of your remodel.
  • Projects that involve building codes and permits are best handled by a licensed plumber. In fact, many states have local codes that allow only a licensed contractor to perform certain work. This can include moving or expanding the plumbing system.

Thoroughly plan your remodeling project from the start. Then, you’ll see when a professional can help minimize errors and maximize results. What’s more, a plumbing expert can spot additional problems like mold growth or ventilation issues.

Some people prefer to take on all of the work themselves. That’s great, but it’s important to know when installations and plumbing repairs are outside of your skill range. It’s possible you’re even stuck in the middle of the project right now. Perhaps you need pipes re-routed, or your plumbing lines aren’t properly positioned for your new fixtures.

Save time and money

It’s reasonable to want to take on the plumbing yourself as part of your DIY renovation work. However, the various pipes and fixtures can quickly get complicated. One mistake can drive up your final costs if you have to go back and fix it.

Reduce stress and give yourself peace of mind. Investing in professional expertise can save you thousands of dollars over time.

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