What Causes Leaky Faucets & How To Fix Them

Posted on February 23rd, 2021 by carrolladmin

a leaky faucet needs a plumber to repairA leaky or dripping faucet may seem like a minor problem. But they often cause more significant and expensive problems if they aren’t repaired.

Allowing a faucet to leak can cause further damage to plumbing or even flooding and damage to your home. It can also increase your water consumption and bill, costing hundreds of dollars on wasted water.

Because unrepaired leaks cause bigger problems later, we recommend promptly fixing any leaky faucets. You’ll avoid wasting hundreds of gallons of water and your hard-earned money.

According to the EPA, leaky and dripping faucets are the most common plumbing issue. But even though they’re common, it’s crucial to locate the cause and repair it as soon as possible.

If you’re experiencing a leaking or dripping faucet, you probably want to know what it costs you in wasted water. Read our next article to learn more about the cost of drips and leaks throughout your house.

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Understanding Faucet Leaks and Drips

The four main types of faucets are compression, disc, cartridge, and ball. Faucets with a single handle that controls both hot and cold water are either a disc, cartridge, or ball faucet. Faucets with two separate controls–one for hot, and one for cold–are likely compression faucets.

Here are some of the most common causes of leaky and dripping faucets.

Problems with the O-ring

O-rings can naturally become loose or wear out, so O-ring problems are very common. If there’s a leak around the faucet’s handle, it typically means the O-rings need to be replaced or tightened. This problem most commonly occurs in compression faucets.

Corroded valve seat

If you have a leak around the spout, you likely have a corroded valve seat. Water sediments can collect and cause the valve seat to corrode. Regular maintenance and cleaning is the best way to avoid the build-up of mineral deposits on internal parts.

Worn out washer

Water that continually drips from the spout is usually caused by a worn out washer. This gradual wearing out happens over time due to the high compression and friction. Like O-ring leaks, this issue most commonly occurs in compression faucets.

Improperly installed washer

Washers come in different sizes, and when the wrong size is used inside your faucet, it will leak. Fortunately, this is an easy repair. A professional plumber will reinstall your faucet with the right size washer, and your faucet will no longer cause you problems.

Problems with water pressure

High water pressure can cause backups, and eventually, leaks. You might notice this type of leak coming from your faucets or toilet tank. Water pressure leaks have the potential to cause significant damage and flooding. Even when they start as a very small drip or leak, you should call a professional plumber right away.

Broken or cracked pipes

The water in our pipes is under significant pressure, so broken or cracked pipes can cause serious damage. While this sort of problem might now show up at your faucet, you might notice it under your sink. If this happens, skip the trip to the hardware store and call a professional plumber right away.

Prompt, Reliable, and Quality Repair Service

When you have a leak or dripping faucet, you should contact a professional plumber with faucet repair experience. These professionals can fix the problem before it becomes a more expensive plumbing issue.

Carroll Plumbing & Heating Inc. is knowledgeable and skilled in all makes and models of plumbing faucets. We also understand that any leak or drip, no matter how small, is an inconvenience to you and your family.

Our plumbing technicians will quickly locate the cause of the leak. Then they will disassemble your faucet and replace the broken parts to get you back up and running.

Schedule an appointment for your leaky faucet today, by giving us a call at (804) 463-6336 or requesting an appointment below.