How To Choose Between The Best AC Companies In Richmond, VA

Posted on June 27th, 2019 by carrolladmin

If you think that every air conditioning contractor is the same, you should think again.

While the best AC companies in Richmond will offer the repair services, maintenance, and installation, not all companies are created equal.

Some will try to lure customers with low prices, only to offer substandard workmanship, low-quality products, and poor customer service.

Others will go above and beyond to ensure you know exactly what services they’re performing and why such services are suggested, as well as educate you on best practices to keep your unit up and running reliably for longer.

Selecting Among The Best AC Companies In Richmond, VA

We’ve put together this guide for finding the best AC companies in Richmond.

Have a look at some of the key differentiators that put the best of the best a step above the rest.

Licensing & Insured

First things first, you’ll want to make sure that any air conditioning company that you work with is licensed and insured.

Licensing ensures that AC companies are meeting minimum education requirements necessary to properly perform any AC work. Part of being a licensed AC company also means that it has met insurance and bonding requirements.

This part is just as — if not more — important than licensing. That’s because insurance and bonding protect both your home and you from liability should an accident happen on site. When any sort of mechanical work is being performed on your home, the potential for something to go wrong is always there.

If it does, working with an insured AC company will make sure that you’re not on the hook for these damages. Furthermore, if a worker were to be injured on your property, you would not be held liable for anything.

Some AC companies that aren’t licensed and insured will try to hook you with lower prices, but it’s just not worth it in the long run. If a contractor isn’t licensed or insured, you shouldn’t be working with them at all.

Brand Variety

Does the company you’re considering work with just one brand or do they service and install all makes and models?

While it’s possible that the company is getting some form of special equipment kickbacks that they can pass on to you in savings if they just do business with one brand, it’s always best to work with the contractor that’s experienced with a wide range of makes and models.

This can ensure more honest service, as a company won’t be trying to push just one make on you. It’s also a perk that they’ll be able to fix any existing issues on your equipment, no matter the brand.

Unless you’re loyal to a particular air conditioning brand, going with the company that installs and services all makes is a great way to go.

Thorough Unit Inspection

An unethical air conditioning company will try to sell you on its most expensive service, even if your unit may not necessarily need it.

Typically, the most expensive service is a new unit installation, and knowing this, some companies will try to force you into this expense.

A trustworthy air conditioning company should only recommend a new unit installation on two conditions:

  • Your current unit cannot be repaired.
  • If it would cost more to repair the unit than it would replace it (based on return on investment, the unit’s age and other factors).

With this being said, a good air conditioning company will conduct a thorough multi-point inspection on the unit, taking note of issues and then presenting a plan to resolve issues.

From there, you can make the call on what you want to do. The best AC companies in Richmond won’t pressure you into making any sort of repair or new unit installation — they present the facts and let you decide based on the information at hand.


Communication is key between an air conditioning company and customer, especially when you consider that the average homeowner isn’t familiar with how an AC unit works.

For this reason, it’s important for an air conditioning company to carefully explain everything to you — from what’s wrong with the unit to the possible solutions. A good company will have techs to answer any and all of your questions and be responsive if there are additional inquiries following service.

It’s often very easy to separate the best AC companies in Richmond from the bad ones simply based on how well they communicate with their customers.

Value-Added Service

Professional air conditioning companies want to turn new customers into life-long customers. This is often achieved by offering a value-added service.

Examples of value-added services include best practices and maintenance information, free annual tune-ups on new AC installations or discounts on future services on any future services.

Finding The Best AC Companies In Richmond, VA

When it comes to weighing the good AC companies against the not so good ones, keep these considerations in mind.

Although the difference is clear, it’s easy to be swayed by bait-and-switch pricing models and other factors that separate the ethical from the unethical.

While you’re at it, be sure to check references, look for any honors the company has earned or Better Business Bureau accreditation it has received and other accolades to help separate it from others in the area.

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