Heat Pump Installation

  • Heat pumps can reduce electricity use by nearly ½ in comparison to furnaces and baseboard heating systems.
  • A well-maintained heat pump may perform 15% more efficiently than one that isn’t regularly maintained.
  • Heat pumps generate up to 3x more heat than the energy they require.

Heat pumps are generally the preferred type of heating equipment for many of our residential and commercial customers. This is especially true where upgrades and replacements are concerned. Unlike the traditional configuration of separate heating and cooling units, a heat pump consists of both functions in one component. The simple process used to heat can be reversed to perform cooling functions. Heat pumps pack the power of heating and cooling into one unit that provides homes and businesses with the comfort and reliability they demand.

Our service area is a fairly moderate climate. In this environment, heat pumps are an energy efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioning units. Heat pumps differ from conventional heating/cooling systems in a number of ways. Most importantly, they transfer heat for heating and cooling as opposed to burning fuel to generate it. There is a big difference in the process of transferring and generating heat, and it greatly impacts how the system functions and at what efficiency level. In fact, heat pumps use relatively little energy to heat and cool in comparison to systems with separate heating and cooling units.

It can be overwhelming to navigate the heat pump market as there are a variety of brands and models available. This is why our staff and technicians strive to thoroughly educate customers and understand their needs before making any service or equipment recommendations. Carroll Plumbing & Heating Inc. endorses a variety of equipment manufacturers.

Carroll Plumbing & Heating Inc. has decades of experience servicing, repairing and installing heat pumps across Richmond and its surrounding areas. Whether you are researching HVAC contractors, seeking a second opinion on repair work or want more information on heat pump maintenance plans, Carroll Plumbing & Heating Inc. can assist you with all your needs. Contact us today to learn more about heat pump service, repair and installation.