Boiler Systems

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Hydronic heating is a safe, comfortable, economical and flexible way to heat any home. Hydronic systems circulate hot water through warming baseboards, radiators and/or radiant tubing in your floors or ceilings. There are many advantages to heating your home using a hydronic system, whether it is for a new home or as a replacement heating system.

Boiler Repair

The gas boiler heats your home by burning natural gas or propane. The gas enters a burner and is then ignited and efficiently transfers the heat through water tubes in the heat exchanger. The heated water on the other side of the heat exchanger is then delivered to base boards, radiators or in-floor heating tubes throughout your home.

Benefits of boiler systems include, but are not limited to:

  • Space Saver: no bulky ductwork resulting in reduced square footage in your home
  • The heat is evenly distributed by room, so there won’t be drafts or hot and cold spots as with forced air
  • Water passes through these heater emitters and returns to the boiler in one of multiple circuits (zones)
  • One system can heat your entire home
  • Minimal movement of allergens and dust particles
  • Heating zones allow you to customize the heating level per room
  • Hot water from the boiler can also be directed to an indirect water heater to supply your home with hot water

In our service area we see a fair amount of these classic heating systems. In fact, unless a property has undergone a major system renovation, many of the large, historic homes throughout the city lack ductwork, and depend solely on boiler systems for heat. We work on everything from cast-iron radiators to metal fin, baseboard heaters. In some newer homes and remodels there are boiler systems that deliver hot water into radiant heating loops installed in the foundation to heat upwards into the floor. This is the most modernized way to continue enjoying a boiler heating system. Luckily, there is new equipment on the market to make existing boiler systems perform with higher efficiency. Contact Carroll Plumbing and Heating, Inc. to learn more about installation, service and repair of boiler systems.